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The Health Science Department at Scottsdale Community College celebrates its grand opening of the newly renovated facility designed by Fucello Architects.

Client: Maricopa Community Colleges
Photography: Julianne Davis / Justin Johnston / Steven Fucello
This project transforms the west portion of the former Life Sciences Building at Scottsdale Community College, constructed as part of the original College in 1970, to serve as the new home for the Health Sciences Division. It is located at the proverbial heart of the College campus and provides the needed teaching, laboratory and examination spaces used in contemporary practice. The Division includes Nursing, EMT and Fire Science programs which have outgrown its existing facility. This project has allowed the College to support the expanded demand for trained prospective employees. The new facility is flexible as instructional techniques migrate from traditional methods to one relying increasing on the use of simulators. Through the expanded use of simulated experiences, students have the opportunity to be presented with real-life experiences without any hazard to a person. The integration of state-of-the-art technology interweaving the classroom and simulation lab learning experience is a hallmark of success of this project.